Antique English Furniture from the early 19th c

My foremost interest as an antique dealer has always been in English furniture of the early 19th c. There has always been a demand for this style of antique furniture in Sydney as we have the kind of architecture to suit.

Indeed this was the first furniture to be sold on through auction in Sydney after the economic crash in 1842, you could say the beginnings of the antique trade here in Australia. Reading Scott Carlin's guide to Elizabeth Bay House and noting some of the beautiful furniture of the period that the Macleay family had ordered from England to furnish the house, the Macleays sold their drawing room furniture out of necessity to the newly completed Government House.

I have magnificent examples of furniture from this period that I have been collecting for decades, I am absolutely sure some of it must have come from these early to mid 19th c Sydney Houses in and around present day Darlinghurst, as I am the only major dealer in Australia who has never bought in England and shipped by container. All of my stock has been collected over the years in Sydney.