A French settlement in Sydney

In the 1840's Hunters Hill was an isolated part of Sydney, located upon a high ridge looking out over the water. There was abundant sandstone available for quarrying to build houses

The creation of the suburb was influenced by a number of wealthy colonists from mainland Europe, the most prolific being the Joubert brothers from Bordeaux, France. Didier Joubert and his brother Jules along with the Comte Gabriel de Milhau and their families settled in Hunters Hill during the 1830's and built Villas with a distinctly French feel about them. 

Most famous of all the French houses in Hunters Hill is Passy, named after a district of Paris and completed in 1856 as the residence of the French consulate, it became a symbol of the French settlement of Hunters Hill. Today it is lovely to stroll around Hunters Hill under the Jacaranda trees and look at all the sandstone buildings. The indigenous name given by the areas original inhabitants is 'Mookaboola' which translates as the meeting of waters.