A pair of Louis XV style Fauteuils in the manner of Nicolas-Quinibert Foliot

We don't really deal in a lot of French furniture at Classic Antiques Sydney, however sometimes I just can't resist a chance at something good! it's the antique dealer within me, besides the fact I love French furniture & the best English furniture shows a distinct French influence in taste. These chairs came my way via an old client who was downsizing and I had to pay through the nose for them, they are French, c 1870 or as you would commonly read on trade tickets "Third Republic" that being the reign of Napoleon III c1870, he was the nephew and heir of Napoleon I.

I went to the Versailles exhibition in Canberra last weekend to see the beautiful Fauteuil shown here with the blue and gold silk damask upholstery and remembered I had this pair, made in the 1870's when opulence was back in fashion and the Guillotine was back in storage, they are superb. What appeals to me about these is that the tools, glue, material and technique employed by the chaisier in 1870 were identical to that used in the 18th century, and that is why they are interesting.

John Fowler of Colefax and Fowler in London who was known as the "Prince of Decorators" and developed what we now know as the English country house style after world war two always used a pair of good French fauteuils as his discord or punctuation mark within an otherwise very English look. giltwood-fauteuils-in-the-louis-xv-taste