Buying a historic house in Sydney ?

Over the past year eleven buildings have been put on the market by the NSW Government in Millers Point, The Rocks, Sydney, among them is this gem. It is still possible to buy a Colonial Regency building in NSW, often you find them in a dilapidated condition in what were the early pastoral areas of NSW such as Goulburn and Camden, however they are far more prevalent in Tasmania which according to Professor Robert Morris-Nunn, "has half the heritage buildings in Australia"

60 Argyle Place Sydney, is situated on a magnificent leafy London styled square at the top of The Rocks adjacent to Observatory Hill, The properties here have been held by the Government for many years and served as housing commission, they are now being sold with strict heritage guidelines. With the level of pollution and noise dropping this area is set to become the most elegant part of Sydney (I'd love to have an antique shop here)

Built in 1845 for whaling captain George Grimes, this 6.5 metre wide house has survived without being drastically altered. Used as a boarding house for over a century, all the kitchenettes and partitions have been removed and what remains is an original Colonial Regency house. The beauty of this area is that it was held by the Government for so long in suspended animation, the buildings are basically untouched Georgian architecture in all it's beautifully proportioned elegance. If any buildings in Sydney deserve to be furnished with the best antiques, they are here. I have specialised in the furniture of this period (1780-1850) for decades now and have the most extensive collection of late Georgian and early Victorian antique furniture in Australia.  making-the-best-of-heritage-real-estate