19th c English Dining Chairs

I have an enormous selection of high quality 19th c English dining chairs, having been collecting long sets of chairs since the 1960's. I also have a fabulous collection of extension tables which we will be photographing and uploading to the website soon. When looking at dining chairs from this era (1815 - 1870) you are seeing a range of quality, from cheaper mass produced chairs to fine examples produced by such illustrious makers as Gillows of Lancaster. We price accordingly, so a set of 10 nice, though mass produced chairs will be considerably cheaper than a set of 10 by a famous maker, however to an untrained eye the difference in quality will sometimes not be detectable. The main factor in quality apart from the joinery, crispness of the carving and the proportions, is the density of the timber used. Pick up a chair if it is really heavy this is a great indication of good quality.

English chairs of this period were frequently made from exotic timber's such as Mahogany and Rosewood, such timbers were auctioned when they landed in England and the better makers of course paid a higher price for higher quality material, hence producing a better chair. This source of timber from Cuba and The Honduras etc was finite, so furniture of this quality will never be made again.

Every chair we sell is checked over by a professional restorer prior to despatch to a client. Any loose joins are re-glued using traditional pearl glue and any missing blocks etc are replaced. We only wax finish so as to preserve the patina and the chairs integrity as a piece of fine antique furniture. These are investment quality antiques.