The abduction of a Sabine Woman

The abduction of a Sabine Woman is one of the most recognized works of sixteenth-century Italian art by one of the least well-known artists of the period. Giambologna's influence on late sixteenth- and early seventeenth- century European art was extensive and long lasting. The Abduction of a Sabine Woman is located in a spot few tourists miss—the Loggia dei Lanzi, just outside of the Palazzo Vecchio, in Florence.

This is an antique Italian alabaster model after the original that I have in the shop and a photograph of the original in Florence, Italy. A rare 19th century piece, these models of statues by the likes of Michelangelo and Giambologna were brought home as souvenirs of the grand tour. Such pieces were seen as essential to any gentleman's private collection.


H: 98cm W: 25cm D: 25cm